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Our Story

Gina was lucky enough to learn about LEGO® therapy from it's pioneer, Dr. Dan LeGoff, during her PhD at the University of Cambridge Autism Research Centre. Since completing her PhD with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and co-authoring the LEGO®-based therapy manual, more and more people asked her, "How can I deliver LEGO®-based therapy?".

Gina set up Bricks for Autism in her spare time, to share information, challenge common misconceptions and to offer training for professionals. She has now delivered training to professionals from all over the globe, and is currently involved in the first large scale randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of LEGO®-based therapy, the I-SOCIALISE trial. She is lucky to be on the 2018 cohort of the Social Incubator Programme at Cambridge Social Ventures to help her share her enthusiasm for children and LEGO® therapy! It's her passion to try and support people to offer this intervention to the highest level. Read more here.

Our Mission

As a social enterprise, Bricks for Autism's mission is to increase awareness and understanding of LEGO®-based therapy in order to improve access to this enjoyable social skills intervention. We aim to do this by bringing people together to share ideas, offering high quality professional training and by encouraging rigorous research evaluating LEGO® therapy.

Our profits from training and materials go back into furthering the social mission of our company; to share information, training and resources and to encourage research into LEGO® therapy. We are proud to donate 10% of our profits to the Autism Research Trust.

09/10/15 Gina Gomez Lego therapy 09/10/15 Dr Gina Gomez has set up a new initiative to train people how to use Lego to help children with autism. Picture: Keith Heppell

Dr. Gina Gómez de la Cuesta

Founder & Director

Gina is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Autism. She founded Bricks for Autism C.I.C. in 2018 and is passionate about LEGO®-based therapy. She loves singing and has a tune for most occasions.

Dr. Elinor Brett


Elinor is an Educational Psychologist working in Cambridgeshire. She has spent the last few years delivering LEGO®-based therapy courses around the UK with Building Skills. When she has time to spare she loves walking with her dog and toddler.


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