Canace Yee

Canace Yee

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Licensed Bricks for Autism Trainer

Canace Yee, Hong Kong

Licensed Psychological Counsellor, 2nd Level, PRC

Founder, Director and Registered Play Therapist


Canace, the founder, director and registered play therapist of yNOTplay Play Therapy. She was the author of a play therapy book in Hong Kong titled "Play with your Child". Canace also proprietary patented a number of therapeutic games/tools for professional practitioners, institutions, and schools to help children with special needs. She also won the Excellence Award of Therapeutic Games for ADHD 2017 awarded by the Association for Taiwan Play Therapy. She is also the Project Director of a Hong Kong non-profit organization dedicated to providing play therapy and counselling support to the underprivileged SEN families. In 2018, she developed a bricks club in Hong Kong utilizing the LEGO®-based therapy intervention to help children in building up social and communication skills.

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