Hello! This is my first EVER blog! I am delving into the world of websites, wordpress and blogging, as I am developing the new Bricks for Autism website. It's a steep but enjoyable learning curve, and I hope in time that Bricks for Autism can become a hub for all things exciting and innovative to do with LEGO-based therapy!

I have been lucky enough to be supported by Cambridge Social Ventures (part of Cambridge University's Judge Business School) this year. They are supporting me to make Bricks for Autism a Community Interest Company (a type of social enterprise). It's been a wonderful- if daunting- introduction to the world of social enterprise,  and I am excited to see how things progress in the future.

Please comment to share your thoughts and ideas about what would be helpful from us. Do you want videos, resources, ideas, training, or something completely different?!

I will try to write a blog at least once a month, to keep you all updated and share some of the exciting things you tell me about!

Thanks for your attention and look forward to connecting more with you all in future,

Happy LEGO building!

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