Erin Valente

Licensed Autism Trainer, Yorkshire, UK.

Erin is an Early Intervention Developmental Therapist. She works with children primarily between 18 months - 8yrs. She has runs several 1:1 Lego-based therapy classes, as well as small group classes since training in 2017. She has a passion for using Lego to help allow children with development delays to understand and navigate the social world around them.

In her background she volunteered, worked and eventually managed an early intervention centre in Scotland. Since moving to London she has worked in private practice supporting families and running Lego-based and parent support and coaching sessions in home, school and nursery. She has a passion for family involvement in her therapy programmes and enjoys providing caregiver training to empower families and staff to help children in their every day lives.

Erin is a keen cook... it’s left to others to decide if she’s actually a “good” cook! She also enjoys exploring the many areas of London she still hasn’t got around to visiting, even after 4 years in town!

Erin provides Lego-based therapy training mostly in London and Scotland but will travel across the UK on request.

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Erin would love to hear from you about LEGO-based therapy courses in London and Scotland!


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