Sharing Knowledge in LEGO® based therapy!

One of our missions at Bricks for Autism is to try and encourage people to do research into LEGO® therapy and to make research findings on LEGO®-based therapy more easily accessible.


We also love to hear from people who are carrying out research projects, no-matter how big or small, so let us know what you're doing, how we can help and whether you'd like us to share your project! Drop us an email at

Bricks for Autism Research Summary

We have recently written a research summary of the articles we are aware of into LEGO®-based therapy. It's not a systematic review, but it might give people interested an overview. You can download the report for free here.


LEGO® therapy research Studies Report


Professor Barry Wright's group are carrying out the first large-scale Randomised Controlled Trial into LEGO® therapy in schools. Their protocol is freely available at BMJ Open


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ARC evaluation

This 2008 study found improvements in social skills in children participating in LEGO®-based therapy.


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Systematic Review

This 2017 review of the literature so far suggests some evidence of effectiveness and gives a good overview of the status of the evidence.


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Dr Dan LeGoff’s studies

The first studies into LEGO®-based therapy were published by Dr. Dan LeGoff:-

LeGoff (2004) Click Here

LeGoff & Sherman (2006) Click Here

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