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Upcoming Webinars - Online due to COVID restrictions

Our next Online Live Webinars will be held on:-


Wednesday 28th April 2021 - 9.45am- 2.00pm BST.

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Tuesday 11th May 2021 - 9.45am-2.00pm BST.

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Tuesday 18th May 2021 - 9.45am-2.00pm BST.

Fully Booked


Costs: £200 plus VAT


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About the course

Our introductory course for health and education professionals has now gone online due to Covid-19. It includes approximately 2 hours of pre-course e-learning, a half-day live webinar and around an hour and a half of post-course e-learning.


The course is for professionals and aims to give you all the information you need to set up your own LEGO®-based therapy sessions. You will be given a login to our facilitators section of the website which includes practical resources, as well as a certificate of attendance.


We are delighted that all Bricks for Autism training courses are officially endorsed by Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre.


About our Licensed Trainers

We have some very experienced licensed Bricks for Autism Trainers in different areas of the UK and internationally who also offer our training.


In different parts of the world, our Licensed Trainers may be able to offer our usual face to face courses. To explore courses offered by Bricks for Autism Licensed trainers in other parts of the UK and internationally please click here.


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"The best training course I have ever been on"

"A great insight into LEGO®-based therapy"

"Gina was so informative and approachable"

"Good structure, very informative, excellent delivery and useful materials"

"Very well run course, and easy to see how I can now set up a group"

"It was extremely informative, enjoyable and fun. Gina made us all feel very welcome and made the day an adventure – the staff and venue was first class and the other attendees I met were very sociable and lovely people. We all said how much we enjoyed the course and keen to implement our training just as soon as we returned home."

"It was everything that I wished for as I got the confirmation we were delivering the intervention correctly but also planned adaptions for some of our kids which I thought were innovative, you had already adapted and implemented.  I feel so inspired and motivated it is impossible to adequately put it into words."

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